Secure Tunnelling Technology

Strong Encryption, mutual Authentication & Rules-based Access Control.
Free from Certificates, Hardware Tokens, SSL/TLS and other legacy security measures.

Unique Image Login System

Replaces Usernames & Passwords with unique Image-based Login.
Great user experience - easy to use, easy to remember.

Secure Communications Products

MHI Secure Communications Technologies provide the basis for a full set of products including:
Multi-Factor Authentication, Site-2-Site VPN, Remote Access VPN and Secure Web Access.

Secure Communications Solutions

Secure tunnelling, strong authentication, rules-based access 

MHI enables secure connections from remote networks, applications and devices, to protected services. Solutions based on MHI patented Protocols and Technology are easy to install, manage and use.

MHI's Technology delivers strong client-server authentication as part of a single encrypted Protocol, removing any requirement for usernames, passwords, certificates or hardware tokens. User or login details are never transmitted, plus the user must have the right device in order to access a protected system. Access is further controlled using intelligent, fine-grained rules. The Technology supports a range of standard Products, plus custom secure tunnelling applications via a powerful SDK. Solutions protect against attacks on the user, device, network and service.

threat diagram

Solving The Threat Problem

Man-in-the-Middle, Trojans, DNS poisoning, spoofing...

Threats are a manifestation of fundamental security problems. Weaknesses are targeted and exploited by criminals, to gain financial reward, to steal information, to damage brands or reputation... even to attack vital infrastructure.

By re-addressing the fundamentals of the security model, MHI's Protocols and Technology are highly effective in stopping or negating threats, and significantly raise the bar against many others. 

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